Links to News Websites Around the World

Website Description
Read and machine translate virtually every major online newspaper in the world.
Guardian Unlimited
Great Britain
Excellent World news coverage with up-to-the-minute news and AP wire reports.
AOL Time Warner Company
One of the most comprehensive US-owned news sites. Video requires subscription.
USA Today Online Colorfully designed national newspaper with Flash graphics and latest news reports.
The New York Times Online edition of “America’s most respected newspaper.” Free sign-up required.
Los Angeles Times News and weather plus a Travel / Leisure section with a West Coast perspective.
MSNBC News Online Well financed joint venture between Microsoft and NBC World News.
Wall Street Journal Interactive edition of the United States’ major financial newspaper.
Washington Post Online version of the respected Washington DC-based newspaper.
Slate – MSN.COM News Microsoft’s recently acquired political and current issues Ezine.
TIME.COM Online Online edition of America’s leading weekly news magazine.
IPS – Global News Agency A leading provider of information on global issues, network of journalists in 100+ countries, satellite links to more than 1,200 outlets.
American Journalism Review Excellent international newspaper directory.
Rapid Tree News Service One of the very best online news and information directories.
BBC News Online The United Kingdom’s leading news service.
BBC World Service Excellent world news coverage in 43 languages, with live audio.
EuroNews.Net – Great Britain Produced by ITN with excellent news briefs – streaming video.
Wired Magazine Hip computer and technology news magazine. News Articles on news and current events with a different perspective.
Yahoo! News Full Coverage Yahoo!’s headline news from around the world.
DEBKA File Online Up-to-the-minute news from sources close to Isaeli Intelligence.
Palestinian Information Center One man’s news is another man’s propaganda.
Asia Times – Hong Kong One of Asia’s best alternative news sources.
GRANMA Internacional – Cuba Online News and Information from Castro’s leading newspaper.
Islamic Republic News Agency – Iran Founded in 1934 by Foreign Ministry of Iran as nation’s official national news outlet.
GOOGLE News Search Outstanding headline news search.
CCTV.COM China – The English Channel World News from perspective of Chinese Communist leadership. A major international business and investment news sources. News Portal and Gateway to foreign newspapers. Latest music news, features and more.
Global News Stories One of our editor’s long-time favorites. Always good.
AFP – Agence France Presse Available in 6 languages – Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
The Onion A humorous look at today’s important issues.
HonestReporting.Com Self-described fighter of Media Bias. Sponsored by Media Watch International.
Barron’s Online Weekly business news magazine.
ZDNet: News Computer and Internet news.
The Moscow Times Leading Russian newspaper.
Christian Science Monitor Online version of the award-winning newspaper.
Disinformation Debunks the news you thought you knew.
Guerrilla News Network – GNN TV Alternative News with with a kick. Excellent free video.
Cafe Utne Online community where participants discuss ideas and issues.
CNET Computer and Internet news ezine.
Weekend All Things Considered NPR’s highly acclaimed weekend news program. Political magazine with an attitude.
The Associated Press Leading newswire service.
CBS News Online news from CBS.
The Village Voice Alternative weekly paper since 1955. News, sports, entertainment and more from FOX’s news division.
International Herald Tribune – N.Y. Times Leading international newspaper for business leaders and decision makers. Search engine and index for current news updated continuously 24 hours a day.
Reuters Reuters’ Online Newswire service.
The Nation Online version of the liberal news weekly.
Netscape News Channel News and links from Netscape’s Netcenter. Latest news and current events with daily reports on global hotspots.
Forbes Investment and business news magazine.
News of the Weird Unusual news stories compiled by Chuck Shepherd.
Harper’s Online version of the popular current events magazine. Obviously biased, but always interesting!
Miami Herald Online Florida’s leading newspaper.
Business Week Online Weekly business news magazine.
United Press International Newswire service. Online version of the popular magazine.
Environmental News Network Environmental news updated daily.
TRUTHOUT Alternative News with a cutting edge. Contemporary culture and politics.
China News Digest Non-profit organization registered in Maryland.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Well designed Atlanta-based newspaper.
Frontline PBS investigative news program.
The Nando Times Online news service.
The Industry Standard News magazine for the internet economy. U.S. edition also available.
Financial Times British daily business news.
The Atlantic Online Art and culture, politics and current events.
The New Republic Political news magazine.
American Spectator Political news magazine.
Chicago Sun-Times News and Robert Ebert’s movie reviews.
Premiere News from the world of film and entertainment.
Arts & Letters Daily An updated report of news and reviews.
New York Daily News Extensive coverage of the Big Apple’s social scene, from sports to gossip. Music news and rumors.
CBC Canadian and International news.
ChDetroit Free Press Popular Michigan newspaper.
Dar Al Hayat – Lebanon In-depth reporting with an Arab perspective. National and international news site.
Boston Globe Online Boston Globe’s online edition.
The Hollywood Reporter Latest Hollywood news and gossip.
Slashdot “News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.” News, sports and entertainment.
SF Gate San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner online news and entertainment site.
Astronomy Now Online British-based astronomy news magazine.
Public Radio International News, sports and entertainment.
The Times Online Internet edition of the British daily.
Denver Post Colorado’s leading daily. Excellent source for African news.
Science Magazine Weekly science research journal.
NewsLibrary U.S. newspaper search engine.
The News Forum Delivers daily headlines via email.
Electronic Telegraph Popular London-based newspaper.
ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corp. Australia’s public broadcaster. Features national and local news, television, radio.