A Business Owner’s Resolutions for the New Year

1. The economy no longer matters to me; we are going to grow revenue in 2015 regardless of any external obstacles.

2. I’m not only going to watch the pennies in 2015, I will teach, coach and cajole all of those around me do to the same, so the company can be profitable.

I’ll solicit from the employees how to reduce costs and will use a percentage of the savings in monthly prizes for the best ideas to spur on creativity. I think we will all be surprised how much can be saved when we put our heads together!

3. Some of clients are having a tough time right now and we will work with them on pricing and payments if they will work in good faith.

4. Some employees are worth more than others to the company. For those employees I resolve to provide more recognition, to seek out more opportunities for them to learn and will provide them with more compensation.

5. I freely admit that I do not have all the answers to all the problems and opportunities that face the company. I resolve to ask for help more often and will listen to what people advise me.

6. I am going to listen to my gut in 2015. By doing so, I can get ahead of the kind of problems that I have ignored in the past and that have caused me great stress because I failed to heed my own instincts.

7. Learning to be a better leader is something I will spend more time and energy on in the coming year. What got us here will not get us “there” and someone has to change: me.

8. I’m going to stop hitting the fire alarm bell. I need to stop being a firefighter and start being an architect for this company. And, I need to educate my people to stop being reactive and much more proactive.

9. The calendar is a very useful tool that I have will use more consistently in 2015.

10. I will lead by example. I won’t just “talk the talk” I will also “walk the walk.” I will encourage people to call me out in private when I am not doing so.

11. I will have the finance department map out a plan to forecast revenue by client, expenses by department, profitability and company cash flow. That will help everyone in management to better understand what they are responsible for accomplishing.

12. In 2015 I am going to be more visible to all employees, spending time with each employee to see how they are doing and to solicit their feedback. I’m going to do this by simply walking around, asking questions and listening.

13. I will also spend more time with clients, reaching out to them to get their feedback on how we can improve our service to them.

14. Accountability is lacking in the company so we’ll be starting quarterly performance reviews in March for every employee.

15. We have lost a sense of urgency in the company. I’ll own the responsibility to instill a new and greater sense of urgency so that every employee strives to quickly take care of clients and each other.