58 Lies We Tell Ourselves

One of the core values of every organization should be telling the truth. Other words that might be used would be integrity or honesty.

Here are some statements I have heard through the years from business owners and leaders that might be worth a relook as the year begins:

1. Our clients won’t leave us because they have been doing business with us for so long.

2. We listen to every suggestions received from every employee.

3. Team work is valued and rewarded.

4. Only people with initiative are allowed to work here.

5. We don’t need to do performance evaluations; everyone is doing a great job!

6. Our bank never makes mistakes. Neither does our CPA or attorney!

7. Every department has a mission statement.

8. No one needs to be oriented to a new job or to this company.

9. We communicate so well people are sick of it.

10. Our managers are constantly coaching.

11. No one reads the manuals (policies) or handbooks (employees) so why should we update them.

12. We never have emergencies so why waste time doing a drill.

13. We can raise prices whenever we feel like it.

14. Recognition is a regular part of what we do around here.

15. Managers comply with all laws when they interview candidates.

16. We’ll never have a case of sexual harassment around here.

17. A succession plan is in place and everyone knows what it is.

18. No one has ever stolen anything from this company.

19. We do regular cash flow forecasting.

20. All departments are in total alignment with each other.

21. All our meetings are useful and productive.

22. Sales people make at least five prospecting calls daily.

23. “Please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” are used by everyone.

24. This company has some Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals and everyone knows what they are.

25. There really isn’t any waste in our operation.

26. Everyone has an open door policy.

27. Every employee has their head in the game when it comes to work.

28. Our accounting, customer service, warehouse and production people spend time in the field with sales personnel and customers.

29. We have a solid credit and collection process that we use.

30. The company has a twelve month rolling calendar for planning purposes.

31. Sales people spend at least 80 percent of their time with customers and prospects.

32. I understand my financial statements as well as my CPA.

33. There are no barriers between departments in this company.

34. There is not one software program on a company computer we don’t have the license for.

35. We don’t have any deadwood at this company.

36. Our employment application conforms to all laws.

37. We’re ready for anything the competition can sent us.

38. Our business is recession proof.

39. We’ve streamlined the sales reporting process so sales people can spend more time with customers.

40. Time cards aren’t checked because everyone is honest.

41. We’ve fired all the internal terrorists.

42. Our web site is updated constantly.

43. The strategic plan is in place and updated at least once each year.

44. We keep making it easier and easier for customers to do business with us.

45. The company has a policy on accepting gifts from vendors.

46. All our marketing materials are current.

47. We so many new products in the pipeline our sales people won’t know which one to sell first!

48. Every telephone call is returned within 24 hours.

49. Our company could be described as lean, mean and fast.

50. We don’t have problems around here we have opportunities.

51. Every employee has crystal clear expectations about what they are supposed to do.

52. Every employee is committed to doing quality work.

53. Employees are like family.

54. Our customers are constantly surveyed for feedback and ideas.

55. At this company, we measure the right things, and only the right things.

56. Meetings are kept to a minimum.

57. When a potential customer contacts us for information, we respond the same day.

58. Our facility is so clean our best prospect should walk into every room and be impressed.