Meet Ken Keller

Ken Keller is an executive leadership coach with a diverse business background.

After earning his BA, he held progressive responsibilities in operations, finance and marketing in the food and beverage industry, including positions with Nestle (Hills Bros. Coffee in San Francisco), Coca- Cola (Minute Maid) in Houston, Texas and Sweet ‘n Low (the famous pink packet) in Los Angeles. While at Nestle he earned an MBA in Management.

To continually advise his clients, Ken started writing a weekly marketing tip in 1994 that developed into Brain Food for Business Owners in 1997.

Ken now coaches leaders in many industries and facilitates Strategic Advisory Boards for CEOs and Business Owners.

Words of Advice

Words of Advice from Patton
Words of Advice from Patton
04 Jan 2018

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Recommendations for Brain Food for Business Owners

  • Ken began writing a weekly column for our Business Tuesday section in 2010. His columns are aimed at ideas for business owners and managers to implement to improve productivity, efficiency and the bottom line. The columns are always well written and written in a style that everyone can relate to and business people can gain some knowledge they didn’t have before. I can recommend Ken as a columnist to papers of all sizes. And his prices are reasonable, too.

    Jim Healy
    Operations Manager, Statesboro Herald, Statesboro, Georgia
  • I have had the privilege to publish Ken Keller’s business columns as both a Publisher of a daily newspaper and individual Business Journals. Working with Ken ensures professional business content that is well written and delivered well in advance of all deadlines. Ken’s columns are written with the small business owner and entrepreneur in mind. Sharing his extensive business experience and background, Ken provides business tips and information that all in business value and can quickly put to use. If you have any opportunity to publish Ken’s columns, do it! Your readers will both enjoy and use what he has to say.

    Ian Lamont
    Past Publisher, The Signal and the Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal Current Web Publisher, The Long Beach Business Journal Business Corner
  • I love Ken Keller’s Brain Food for Business Owners articles. Among their many attributes is they’re exactly as advertised. They’re simultaneously thought provoking and familiar; inspirational yet full of practical how-to’s. Moreover they’re grounded in the real world realities of our day to day professional and personal lives so we can always relate to his theme. Offering in equal parts, a pat on the back or a kick in the pants, whether or not you agree with Ken, I believe you’ll appreciate the intelligence, candor, support and tough love he offers to those leading a business.

    Rick Holbrook
    Management Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada